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Januarie Diehl

Founder/Executive Director

As a mother of a teenager, Januarie recognizes the challenges of trying to make your mark while balancing other responsibilities. SpeakLife Tribe was founded in 2021 with the mission to strengthen minority families and individuals by providing education, safe spaces, and other resources that encourage transgenerational healing, recovery, and growth. It’s her personal mission and life’s passion to encourage the health and wellness of our communities, fertilizing their development as they take back the narrative and succeed against all obstacles.

After almost two decades of professional experience in healthcare within both nonprofit and for-profit institutions, she's learned how truly impactful community outreach programs can be. This core pillar of community was cemented by experiences as a certified life coach and Strengthening Families Facilitator at Seattle University, interacting with and assisting families from all walks of life. These experiences allow her to understand gaps within the healthcare industry, determine how they translate to the real lives of individuals and well-being of the community, and offer creative suggestions for improvement.


Januarie Diehl
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