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Divorcing the Person, Marrying The Process

When you're going through a divorce, practical matters such as keeping your home, your finances and raising your kids can be overwhelming and leave little time or energy for sorting out your emotions. You might be tempted to bury yourself in work or ignore the inner push to begin healing...

The SpeakLife Tribe program is a resource for support, healing and over all suggestions to simplify your life as you navigate one of the most difficult experience. Divorce looks like grief, loss, heartache and overall stress. This program combines guided journaling, simple exercises and community support to help divorcees answer the questions: How do I heal from divorce? What do I want from the next stage of my life? How do I sort out all of the details of my situation?

In this program, you'll learn about the four steps to healing from divorce, develop a strategy for sorting out details, re-evaluate your relationship with money, define what a healthy relationship looks like, and create a vision for what your life will look like in the next year.


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