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Co-Parenting - Together or Not

Co-parenting is a topic that needs to be talked about more. With the divorce rate being so high, co-parenting is really hard. With so much at stake when it comes to raising the next generation. I'm an advocate for creating the best environment possible for our children. This means more than playing an active role in their lives, but also exposing children to healthy relationships and behaviors.

By being there for your children whether you are together or not, you are offering time investment in not only the next generations perspective of connection, but also in the present, creating a safe environment that as a result encourages better student engagement and long term mental and emotional well being. Children are not property! They are human beings! They are innocent and require nurturing, love, patience and understanding. When parents decide to move on with their lives, they should do it together.

The goal is to minimize the conflict despite the disagreements and make room to build lasting family values. The topic of co-parenting is typically a point of focus when going through divorce or separation. However, preparing parents and families for healthy communication, values and more, we can support each other in the mission to build healthy family foundations.


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